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Stepping Stone Brewing Co.

Stepping Stone is a socially responsible brewery that creates ambitious and modern beers for the conscious beer drinker.

The mission is to involve those who have lost everything and give them the opportunity for a fresh start in life. The driving force behind Stepping Stone is the inclusion of refugees who have obtained residence permits in Denmark and need to enter the job market. Through their involvement at the brewery, they will receive a ticket to the Danish job market. At the same time, they become part of the brewery, where they can leave their own mark on everything from the beer to the design and overall expression of the brewery. This is achieved through dignified employment where participation and inclusion are part of everyday life.

At Stepping Stone, one can have a beer experience that may also offer something more than just good taste. By enjoying a beer with a purpose, we hope that you will find yourself at the center of the story of social responsibility.

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02. november 2023 kl. 19:30
Sortebr. Kirkestræde 25

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